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Strechmark Removal

Applying moisturizer on belly.

Stretch Mark Removal


We offer the latest technology in stretch mark removal.

More and more women and men are requesting this newest cosmetic procedure to treat stretch marks ( striae).
The procedure desintegrates the striae allowing for new healthy layers of skin to form. The removal is complete and quickly with minimal or no discomfort.


Who Benefits?

1- Every woman after pregnancy who wants to get rid of the striae.

2- Striae caused by increased weight gain.

3- Stretch marks caused by weightlifting.



1- Well tolerated with minimal or no discomfort.

2- Safe and effective.

3- Patients quickly resume their normal activities.

4- Quick treatments: 5-10 minutes procedures. Short treatment protocols: 3-5 sessions

5- Excellent results.


All the procedures are performed by physicians with Laser experience.

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